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Our Lips Are Sealed – Grand Jury Defense

Considering that recently, over half a dozen people in the Pacific Northwest have received Grand Jury subpoenas in the last few months, houses connected to OWS organizers have been raided, and many of our comrades down here are facing very serious charges, folks put together a Grand Jury panel/discussion that focused on how we (the collective Left in the Bay Area) can protect ourselves and each other in the case of heightened repression.

This was a full day event with short presentations from folks with Grand Jury experience–Kristian Williams (author of Our Enemies in Blue), Richard Brown from the SF8, and others.

Listen to a podcast of the Our Lips Are Sealed panel on resisting grand juries here.

This event was one of many steps to collectively hammer out out how we are going to support each other as we fearlessly move forward in the struggle.

(photos by Emily Loftis)

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